Outdoor Reared Meat

” Deal Straight with the farmer”

The Breeding 

19 Gales only breed the best quality calves.
To make sure we breed the best, we have breed our own bulls, the sires to the calves. which is 50 % of the calves genetics. Having breed the bulls the calves are then tracked through their life, this includes weights and daily weight gain. By selecting the best we can breed the more tender flavourful beef.

Also we rear the mothers. 19 Gales buy in British Blue calves around 1-2 month old, which have been sired by the best genetics (pedigree) in the country. The farm then again rears them and records all weights and the weight gain. For the Heifers (Cows/Mothers) we have a benchmark. to improve our herd and the beef .

The Butchery

19 Gales mature the sides of beef for 28 days. The beef is then cut and quality assured to your specification. Our Butchery team is willing to work with you with any new ideas.